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The Group is a community of Christians based in Singapore who love the arts, culture, and beauty. We come from different backgrounds and churches, and have different aesthetic tastes. We are broadly involved in creative ministries 

We believe that our worldviews should be Christ-centred and that our expressions and enjoyment of who we are in this world should follow suit.

Sometimes we collaborate. Most times, we hang out for meals in one another’s homes.

An earlier iteration of The Group was known as CreateLeVoyage, which gathered and documented Singaporean Christians in the arts and culture from 2003 onwards.

We are active online as a private Facebook group.

Harvest & Wine

Harvest & Wine is an online publication and resource on Christian faith, art, culture, and beauty. It is edited, prepared, and curated by members of The Group.

  • Theory: Essays on theology and epistemological frameworks.
  • Praxis: Reflections by creative work practitioners on faith and art.
  • Prompts: Resources for Christians to engage with art and culture.


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