Harvest & Wine

Tse Hao Guang
Poet, writer, and teacher.

David Wong Hsien Ming
Poet, philosopher, and teacher.

Ronald JJ Wong
Advocate, lawyer, community builder, writer, and co-founder of The Parables Company.

Dawn Fung
Folk singer and homeschooler mum.

Boedi Widjaja
Visual artist.

Daisuke Chew
Architect and photographer.

Jonathan Chan
Writer, poet and editor.

Leonard Yip
Essayist and poet.

Mike Wong
Visual artist, video editor and theatre practitioner.

Kenneth Lau and Lee Huiwen
Potters, sculptors, teachers, and songwriters.

Lee E Mae
Potter, sculptor, and visual artist.

Jenni Ho-Huan
Pastor, coach, writer, and podcaster.

Joshuah Lim

Eric Tinsay Valles
Poet, teacher, and editor.

Dr Calvin Chong
Professor, theologian, and musician.

Christopher Tan
Cook, writer, and photographer


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